Precision Measuring Equipment
Product Category: NEV Batteries and Related Products and Technologies
The measurement accuracy of proportion and weight throughout the entire process is ±3%, with Cmk≥1.67;
Leading automatic pre-pressing function in the industry, which can be dynamically adjusted according to different temperatures and flow rates;
It has pressure monitoring, flow ratio monitoring, and vulnerable parts monitoring;
Special parts can choose ceramic materials to deal with high filler adhesives;
Modular design concept, easy for field maintenance and debugging;
Advanced first-in first-out design principle to prevent adhesive accumulation;
The equipment has an automatic pressure relief function, which can effectively protect the adhesive;
Optional material feeding anti-error function, automatic exhaust function of the pressing plate pump;
It can meet the application of two-component adhesives with different ratios, glue amount, and flow rate;
It can be applied to the coating and metering of new energy module, PACK, box sealing, new energy vehicle body, electric drive, electric control, etc.

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