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Industrial competition to become more lightweight, embrace electrification and advance intelligent function is actively defining the automotive industry's future trajectory. In light of enterprises shifting to "manufacturing-driven" to "R&D-driven" strategies, AMTS has undertaken a bold upgrade. The 20th Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Materials Show (AMTS 2025) is set to take place from July 9th-11th, 2025, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (Halls W1-W5, and E1-E3). This year's show launches new zones such as the Powertrain Engineering Pavilion and the Chassis Engineering Pavilion, placing focus on advancements in NEV power batteries and integrated chassis solutions.

This year will also debut EVTech World 2025 and EVTech Show 2025. EVTech World 2025 will showcase the latest in new energy vehicle design and development tools, simulation software, modeling, trial production, testing, and certification. EVTech Show 2025 is a platform for OEMs to exhibit technologies that highlight cutting-edge achievements aligned with new energy trends in the automotive industry.

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