What's the AMTS Matchmaking System?
AMTS matchmaking system recommends your products and company profile to buyers, via E-mail, phone, exhibition app, tour guide mini program, etc. It makes you connect with your leads easier.

Matchmaking makes business simple and efficient, and improves the effect of the exhibition without any additional cost.

Why Matchmaking?
On-site Customer Insight shows
√ Buyers respond positively and recognize the value to the plan, which pairs them with the appropriate exhibitors
√ Buyers appreciate the recommendation of exhibitors for providing the correct tour guide
√ Buyers indicate that targeted recommendation helps them use their time more effectively
√ Buyers indicate that targeted recommendation helps them achieve more high-quality business meetings
√ Buyers indicate that targeted recommendation helps them meet and develop new exhibitors 

How to participate in AMTS Matchmaking System?
Matchmaking service is only available for contracted exhibitors. You can log in to the AMTS exhibitor system and submit complete and accurate information of your company and products. This will improve the possibility and accuracy to recommend your company to the corresponding buyers.

AMTS Matchmaking Service

[1] Smart Match – Attract visitors during the show days
During the exhibition period, your company and products information will be distributed to the visitors at the visitor registration counter and function area according to the visitors' interests.
√ Query the information of matched exhibitors rapidly
√ Recommend the list of matched exhibitors rapidly
√ Print the list of matched exhibitors for free
√ Visitors can scan the QR code to obtain the e-list of recommendation

[2] Recommendation via WeChat 
After the completion of WeChat registration, the system will recommend the list of related exhibitors according to visitors’ interests.
√ On-site registered visitors can receive a live list of recommended exhibitors matching your registered product interest in the WeChat confirmation page
√ A SMS with the recommended exhibitor will trigger to visitors’ mobile automatically 

[3] Tech-visitor Tour & Mini Program
Tech-visitor tour is an exquisite theme guide service created by AMTS team for professional buyers.

Tech-visitor Tour

Mini Program

[4] Reed Connect App
Reed Connect is the show service app provided by Reed Exhibitions China, which aims at providing a digital journey for exhibitors and visitors in Reed Exhibitions Shows in China. With Reed Connect, user can enjoy high efficient digital experience in more than 60 shows hosted by Reed Exhibitions in China.

Reed Connect App



Excellent matchmaking results

 AMTS matchmaking program finally got a great success, the 2019 onsite meetings achieved at least 14,979. The mini-program “PICK C位展商 Visitor Tour”contributed 11,827 meetings. The offline visitor tour contributed 2,340 meetings, Reed connect got 1,445 meetings, TAP meetings achieved 220, the exhibitor Desoutter got 1,216 meetings through its onsite events which collaborated with us.

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