Product Category: Car Body Joining Engineering (Welding, Riveting, Gluing)
From M5
HONSEL coils „plus“ (with tang)
HONSEL coils „free“ (without tang)
HONSEL coils „poly-lock“ (with polygonal threads for a screw locking function)

Company Profile

Invested by Honsel Umformtechnik GmbH in 2014, Honsel Fastener (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., is a technology & service orientated foreign enterprise, which is engaged in the development and manufacturing of high standard fastening parts, setting tools, system technology and processing equipments, as well as providing application solutions to our various industrial customers, especially for the automotive industrial customers. We have over 90 years of experience in product development, production and sales. The high quality fasteners and setting tools of HONSEL Brand are able to achieve the perfect solution for a variety of applications. HONSEL products include rivet nuts, rivet studs, rivets, coils, bolts, sleeves and setting tools of battery power and pneumatic type as well as automation equipment.
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