Central exhaust filter System
Product Category: Factory Cleaning Engineering
The 600 series exhaust systems are compact and ideal for grinding, welding and cutting applications, which produce light to medium amounts of dust. The fan is integrated in the upper part of the filter unit. This arrangement produces a small footprint. Sparks and large particles are separated from the fine dust and smoke once they enter the filter. The pre-cleaned contaminated air is then pushed through the filter cartridges, the particles hereby stick to the filter surface. The Siemens® logic monitors the work procedure and initiates the cleaning when the filter cartridges are stuffed. Cleaning function is triggered only when necessary – this saves energy and increases the filter cartridge lifespan. The 600 series filter uses multiples of 10m² surface HISTec® ePTFE cartridges. The soft, quiet and efficient cleaning process from the Hi-Roto® rotary nozzles saves air (energy) and stresses of the filter cartridge. 600 exhaust systems are designed to be used inside the workshop and can reach up to a capacity of 9,000m³/h. Series 600 exhaust systems also can be equipped with a frequency inverter to adjust the airflow according to the workload. This saves energy and money.

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