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November 29-30 | AMTS Automotive Engineering Intelligent Manufacturing Forum in Jakarta, Indonesia - Opening New Business Opportunities in Automotive Manufacturing!


 November 29-30 | AMTS Automotive Engineering Intelligent Manufacturing Forum in Jakarta, Indonesia - Opening New Business Opportunities in Automotive Manufacturing!



AMTS Indonesia Automotive Engineering Intelligent Manufacturing Forum 2022 will be held on November 29-30 at Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran.


As the world's fourth most populous country, Indonesia's car ownership per thousand people index is currently growing at a high speed. It is predicted that the sales of new cars in 2022 will be about 900,000 units, which will not only greatly drive the procurement and technology upgrading needs of the local automobile manufacturing industry, but also further attract the investment and production of car companies from all over the world. This forum will take you to understand the latest developments in the Indonesian and Southeast Asian automobile manufacturing markets, and help you discover unlimited business opportunities!



Indonesia's auto market has great potential, and local policies in Indonesia have stimulated a significant increase in automobile production and sales

At present, the number of cars in Indonesia is only 87, and with the continuous improvement of per capita income, Indonesia is about to enter the stage of mass popularization of cars. With the recovery of Indonesia's national economy in the post-epidemic era, the annual sales volume of Indonesian cars will return to the million level, MPVs and SUVs will achieve a steady rise, and new energy vehicles may achieve explosive rise due to favorable policies.

According to the Indonesian Association of the Automobile Manufacturers (Gaikindo), under the incentive of the government's luxury goods sales tax (PPnBM DPT) policy, Indonesia's new car sales in 2021 reached 887,202 units, an increase of 66.7% over 2020.



The entry into force of the RCEP will accelerate the flow of auto parts among member states

In January 2022, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) officially came into effect, and the world's largest free trade zone was established, and according to relevant regulations, more than 90% of the trade in goods in the region will eventually achieve zero tariffs. This also means that the automotive products between member countries will be largely free trade. RCEP will further accelerate the flow of auto parts between member states, and Indonesia will become an important strategic market. With the further integration of the economies of China, Japan and South Korea, the economic circle with Southeast Asia as the core will become the new core economic growth engine in the future.



Opportunities arise, and automotive manufacturing equipment and solution providers need to seize the best opportunity

At present, the infrastructure and technology of the Indonesian automobile manufacturing market are not perfect enough, and there is still a big gap compared with the global average. In China, Japan, South Korea and other countries with more mature automobile industry development, the technical indicators of automobile manufacturing equipment have been very mature, and the next-generation production lines of emerging markets in Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia are facing upgrading, and their technology and equipment needs will bring huge business opportunities.


Expand markets, network, and build business opportunities


1. Directly face the head of the 500+ Indonesian and Southeast Asian vehicle and parts fields

Establish business opportunities face-to-face with government guests in the field of intelligent manufacturing in Indonesia, and guests of vehicle and parts companies, and obtain first-hand procurement needs from the automobile manufacturing industry in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.


2. Join the luxury lineup and share cutting-edge products and technical solutions with 20+ world-renowned engineering integrators

The forum will invite international leading enterprises ABB, COMAU, Siemens, FANUC and China's well-known enterprises MINO, JEE, China Automobile Engineering, SINOMACH Casting and Forging, Dalian Haosen and other high-level representatives to share the latest development and application of automobile manufacturing digital technology and electric vehicle technology.


3. 30+ digital scene cases are deeply restored with live vivid demonstrations

Quantities are limited! The site plans to set up 30 booths, presenting panoramic automotive engineering digital technology cases and the latest application cases of digital and electric vehicle intelligent manufacturing in different scenarios, catering to the rapidly growing demand for intelligence and electrification in the Indonesian automotive market.


4. Exclusive interpretation of Indonesia's auto industry support policies

Representatives of government agencies in South Korea, Japan and Indonesia, and experts from the Indonesian Automobile Association were invited to exclusively interpret the specific details of Indonesia's auto industry support policies and tax incentives.


5. High-end Indonesian auto industry business dinner

Join the high-end business dinner with the theme of "New Opportunities and Challenges of Indonesia's Automotive Industry" and directly establish business docking opportunities with the top management of the industry, so that the future market opportunities can be mastered at once.


Key area core topics


• Stamping and welding applications in the field of automobile manufacturing

• Development and application of component processing technology in automobile production

• Remote O&M management and predictive maintenance of equipment in automotive manufacturing

• Development and application of automation and robotics

• Advanced battery manufacturing technology in new energy vehicles

• AR/VR technology is combined with the automotive assembly industry

• Development and application of digital technologies in automotive manufacturing

• Development trend of information technology in automobile manufacturing in Southeast Asia

• Automotive manufacturing trends and practical applications in Indonesia

• Production line transformation and technology upgrading application in automobile manufacturing

• Market opportunities and challenges for Chinese automakers in Indonesia


Target population

1 The company of the audience

• Leaders of relevant government departments and automotive industry organizations in Indonesia
• Well-known experts and scholars of automotive research institutes and universities
• Automotive manufacturing and parts companies technology, procurement and management personnel
• System integrator / equipment manufacturer, first- and second-level suppliers
• Local media reporters


2 The department or position of the attendees

• OEM R&D Center / Powertrain Department / New Energy Department / Sustainable Development Department
• The person in charge of intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment enterprises
• General Manager/CEO/Dean
• Vice President / Deputy General Manager / Chief Engineer / Director / Minister
• Manager / Section Chief / Chief Engineer
• Equipment Manufacturer Planning / Technology / Manufacturing Department
• General Manager / Director / Manager of well-known first- and second-tier suppliers


The conference schedule grabs "fresh" to see




Main Forum - Topics Speakers
09:00-09:10 Welcome speech
09:10-09:20 Welcome speech
09:20-09:50 Development status and trend of automobile manufacturing industry in Indonesia, Japan, China and South Korea
10:15-10:40 Coffee Break - Visit the booth
10:40-11:05 The development of information technology in Southeast Asia in the field of automobile manufacturing
11:05-11:30 Summit Discussion: Opportunities and Challenges for Local Enterprises and Chinese, Japanese and Korean Car Companies in the Indonesian Market
Automotive Intelligent Manufacturing Session-Topic
13:30-14:00 Trends and practical applications of the Indonesian automotive manufacturing industry
14:00-14:25 Stamping and welding applications in the field of automotive manufacturing
14:25-14:50 The development of information technology in Southeast Asia in the field of automobile manufacturing
14:50-15:15 How digital development and applications are driving the automotive manufacturing industry
15:15-15:45 Coffee Break - Visit the booth
15:45-16:10 Remote O&M management and predictive maintenance in automotive manufacturing
16:10-16:40 Production line transformation and technology upgrading applications in automobile manufacturing
16:40-17:05 AR/VR technology is used in combination with the automotive assembly industry
17:05-17:30 Summit discussion: Pain points and solutions in the process of transformation and upgrading of the automobile manufacturing industry



New Energy Session - Topic
09:00-09:30 Indonesian new energy vehicle manufacturing status quo and policy interpretation
09:30-09:55 Layout of the upstream industrial chain - insight into Indonesia's "new mining law" and nickel export taxation policy
09:55-10:20 Sharing of advanced manufacturing technologies for new energy power batteries/batteries
10:20-10:45 Coffee Break - Visit the booth

How digital technology empowers the lithium battery industry


Lithium battery production line overall solution and digital factory

11:35-12:00 Summit Discussion - Development Trends and Opportunities of Lithium Iron Phosphate, Ternary Lithium Batteries and Semi-Solid Batteries
Parts Session - Topic
14:00-14:25 Analysis of the current situation of Indonesian auto parts market and import substitution demand
14:25-14:50 Sharing of cutting-edge technologies for parts processing in automobile production

Mold flow analysis accelerates the integration of new technologies into the development of automotive interiors and molds

15:15-15:45 Coffee Break - Visit the booth
15:45-16:10 Explore the development direction of automotive interior and exterior decoration in the era of 5G intelligent cockpit
16:10-16:40 Digital solutions for automotive seating and interiors
16:40-17:10 Summit Discussion - Opportunities and challenges for domestic and foreign companies in the localization of auto parts in Indonesia
The final meeting schedule is subject to the site


Package sponsorship program



Sponsorship Benefits

Platinum sponsorship

Gold Sponsorship Silver Sponsor Bronze Sponsor
1 keynote speech at the Forum (25 minutes only)    
Forum VIP audience quota (second row of seats in the venue, brand LOGO brand placement) 1 1    
Forum Attendance Quota 4      
Business pairing 3 2 1  
Main forum LED screen sponsorship acknowledgements Platinum acknowledgment area Gold medal acknowledgement area Silver medal acknowledgement area Bronze medal acknowledgment area
Sign in to the brand LOGO wall display Platinum acknowledgment area Gold medal acknowledgement area Silver medal acknowledgement area Bronze medal acknowledgment area
On-site booth - 4.5 square meters    
Desk-top display-Brand display negotiation table - 2 square meters    
The main forum sponsor guests delivered speeches for 2 minutes      

Main Forum Audience Seating Information Placement - Limited to 1 Type of Information (Information provided by Sponsor)

Sponsor corporate video playback during warm-up time       
Forum Gift Sponsorship (Gifts provided by the sponsor)      
The host broadcast the live broadcast to thank the sponsoring enterprises
The official website of the conference / marketing brochure - LOGO display
E-Newsletter - Email Promotion Service (Pre-Conference Mass Mailing for All Conference Registrants)
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Conference sponsorship/hearing contact

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