Food & Drink

Food & Drink


Name Introduction Location
98 Restaurant Providing diversified Chinese food & snacks. Mezzanine of Halls E3 & E4
LvQuan Restaurant Providing food & beverage of Chinese and western style, also catering services for various functions. Second floor in Hall W2-W3, Hall N2-B2
JM Snack Bar Providing food and beverage with Chinese & western style east inside of Halls W1-W5; west inside of Halls E1-E4
Papa John's As one of the best pizza brand in the world, we remain focused on making a quality pizza using Better Ingredients. Free delivery service we provide also. Hall E4-B1
McDonalds Mezzanine of Hall W5, Hall E1-B4, Hall E4-B2a, Hall N4-R1
MILANO An original Italian style coffee bar and bistro, offering one of Italy's best coffees and some of Italy's favorite food including cake and biscuits. Hall E5-R1, Hall E7-R1
Munich German Restaurant - Free Delivery & Carryout Offering traditional Bavarian food & Classic HB beer. Catering for all occasions, corporate events & more! Hall E2-R1

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