The Premier Event in Automotive Engineering and Technology


November 6th - 8th, 2024


Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

30,000 Exhibition Area (in sqm)    500 Exhibitors    50,000 Visitors


Creating an all-inclusive automotive R&D and engineering exhibition platform for design, R&D, assembly, and manufacturing.


The AMTS brand has established critical events in the automotive engineering field worldwide, hosting annual exhibitions in Shanghai since 2004. Its global series includes events in Shanghai, China; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Jakarta, Indonesia; and now Shenzhen, China, boasting a total exhibiting space of 200,000 square meters.


China's efforts to stimulate world-class industrial cluster development for new energy vehicles and intelligent connected vehicles have paved the way for the first South China International Automotive Manufacturing & Materials Show, AMTS SOUTH CHINA 2023. Under the guidance of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government and hosted by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, this event aligns with the government's "20+8" industrial cluster development strategy. It focuses on cultivating and developing automotive industry clusters and creating a system of coordinated activities, emphasizing "one industry cluster, one exhibition, one conference."


AMTS SOUTH CHINA 2024 raises the bar for future-focused technology exhibition, introducing themed exhibitions like AHTE South China 2024, New Materials & Lightweight Expo, eCar TIC & Testing Zone, EV HV & FCV Show, Autonomous Driving Technology Expo, CAR-ELE Show, Connected Car Show, and NEV Tech Show. These exhibitions showcase cutting-edge technology applications in automotive design and R&D, promoting the use of digital intelligence technology in the assembly and manufacturing of complete vehicles and core automotive parts.


AMTS SOUTH CHINA 2024 Hall Layout


Automotive Engineering

Component Manufacturing Engineering

Interior and Exterior Design and Manufacturing

Chassis Design and Manufacturing

Automotive Mold Design and Manufacturing

New Energy Powertrain

Stamping Engineering

Welding and Connections Engineering

Laser Engineering

Coating Engineering

Final Assembly Engineering

Quality Control

Future Car Development


New Energy Vehicle Technology

NEV Batteries and Manufacturing Technology

NEV Drive Motor

NEV Electronic Control Circuit Board


Smart Factory and Automation


Industrial Robots

Motion Control

Industrial Software

System Integration

Intelligent Warehousing and Logistics


Smart Car Technology

Internet of Vehicles

Intelligent Cockpits

Intelligent Driving

Smart Factory and Automation Technology

Industrial Robots

Motion Control

Industrial Software

System Integration

Intelligent Warehousing and Logistics


New Automotive Materials

Lightweight Materials

Metal Materials

Non-metallic Materials


Automotive Electronics



Ceramic Capacitors



Safety Capacitors

Circuit Boards

Secondary Transistors

Tertiary Transistors

Fusible Wires

Circuit Breakers









ALL in One | A comprehensive event held for the entire automotive industry ecology, including automotive design, manufacturing, industrial culture and marketing.

Professional industry chain segments and multiple themed exhibition areas.



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