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Mexico New Energy Vehicle Engineering Summit


Mexican automotive industry elites:200+

Representatives from Mexican automobile and parts manufacturers:100+

System integrator representatives:80+ 

Enterprise display solutions:50+

Business opportunities:Unlimited


     Event Background 

The AMTS brand global series of exhibitions and activities are based in China and cover the global market. AMTS annually holds automotive engineering and technology events in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Sao Paulo, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. The show series, in collaboration with many industry leaders, promotes reform and development of the global automotive manufacturing industry. It also confronts both the opportunities and challenges brought by the overseas expansion of China's new energy automobile industry cluster.


Mexico’s automobile industry has a solid foundation that has developed rapidly in recent years, becoming the base of China's new energy vehicles in the North American market. In order to promote cooperation between China and Mexico in the automobile industry, the "Mexico New Energy Vehicle Engineering Summit" will be held in collaboration with LEAD Mexico, competent authorities of the Mexican automobile industry, the Mexican Automobile Engineering Association and various media partners.  Summit forums, technology exhibitions and industrial investigations will empower the new energy transformation and overall elevation of the Mexican automobile industry, as well as assist Chinese new energy vehicle engineering exhibitors in expanding to overseas markets!


     Expanding the Mexican Market, your Connections and Business Opportunities1.Meet 200+ Mexican Auto Industry Elites

•  Expand your contacts with representatives from Mexican OEMs, auto parts, integrators, government agencies, chambers of commerce & associations

•  Lead enterprises will conduct field investigations on Mexico’s business environment, assisting enterprises with their overseas strategies and their navigation of local policies and regulations

•  The triangular model of "Summit Forums + Technical Demonstrations + Business Visits" helps enterprises better understand synergy in the Mexican automobile upstream and downstream industrial chain, accurately matching supply and demand


Join the Luxurious Summit Lineup and Enhance your Brand Image 

•   Introduce to Mexican automotive industry elites the latest developments and applications of China's automotive manufacturing digital technology and electric vehicle technology, shoulder to shoulder with high-level representatives of well-known Chinese enterprises, highlighting brand strength


► Summit Supporters
Government: State of Mexico, Nuevo Leon, Puebla, Guanajuato, Coahuila, Queretaro, Chihuahua, Jalisco, Mexico City, San Luis Potosi, Tamaulipas, Aguascalientes, Baja California


Associations: Mexican Automotive Industry Association (AMIA), Mexican Industry of Automotive Parts (INA), Mexican Association of Automobile Distributors (MAAD), Mexican Association of Bus, Truck and Tractor Manufacturers (ANPACT), Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA)


Media: Mexico News Daily, EL PAIS, AP NEWS, PR Newswire, Channel X, HIS, Mexico Business News


► Invited Enterprises

Passenger Cars:

BYD, Geely, Guangqi, Chery, FAW, SAIC, BAIC, Changan, Great Wall, Jianghuai, Tesla, Stellantis, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Toyota, Ford, Mazda, Kia, Nissan, General Motors, etc…


New Energy Three-Electric: CATL, FDI Battery, CATL Innovation, Guoxuan High-Tech, Fengchao Energy, Xinwangda, EVE Energy, Fudi Energy, Shanghai Electric Drive, Fangzheng Motor, HuiChuan Technology, Chery New Energy, Huayu Automotive, Anhui Juyi, Miran Power, Wuling, Zhongcheng Times, Wanli, Yunhai Metal, Yi'an Technology, Yizheng Foundry, Rui'e, Great Wall Precision, Ruili Technology, Yunhai Metal, Mingli Dadi, Yichuang Technology, Guolv Technology, Dongli Technology, Changqing Shares, Forland Technology, Fuernde Technology, Huahan Precision, Senping, Huashu Technology etc…..


Parts and Components: GRUPO KUO、Rassini、Ahresty Mexicana、Calle Industria Automotriz、AUMA、Auxim de Mexico、 Chassix Iztapalapa Operation、Dana de Mexico Corporation、Forja de Monterrey、GKN Driveline Celaya、 GKN Driveline-Villagran, Hirschvogel Components Mexico、Hyundai WIA Mexico、KIRCHHOFF Van-Rob Queretaro、Linamar de Mexico、Magna Powertrain de Mexico etc....


Parts and Components:

Nemak, Comestel Automotive Technologies Mexicana, Fraenkische Industrial Pipes Mexico, Hyundai Kefico México, Lucky Harvest Mexico, NHK Spring Mexico, Nidec Mobility Mexico, Sistemas Mecatrónicos, Valeo Sistemas Electricos, Visteon de Mexico, ZS Automotive Components Mexico, GRUPO KUO, Nemak, S.A.B, Rassini, ACS International, Ahresty Mexicana, Airtemp de Mexico, Aisan Autopartes Mexico, Aisin Mexicana, American Axle & Manufacturing de Mexico, A&P Solutions, Arbomex, Auma, Auxim de Mexico, Batz Mexicana, Benteler de Mexico, Beyonz Mexicana, Boge Rubber & Plastics Mexico, BorgWarner de Mexico, BorgWarner Morse Systems Mexico, and more


► Bringing Together Mexico's Automotive Industry Elites

Attendee Companies

• Technical, purchasing and management personnel of automobile R&D and manufacturing companies

• Technical, purchasing and management personnel of parts companies

• System integrators/Equipment providers, first-level and second-level suppliers

• Leaders of relevant government departments

• Representatives of automobile industry chambers of commerce and associations


Audience Member Departments or Positions

• R&D center/Powertrain department/New energy department/Sustainable development department

• Leaders of intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment enterprise

• General Manager/CEO/CTO

• Chief Engineer/Director/Minister

• Manager/Section Chief/Chief Engineer

• Planning/Technology/Manufacturing department of equipment manufacturers

• General Manager/Director/Manager of well-known first-class and second-class suppliers





Day 1


General Assembly

 Analysis of China's New Energy Automobile Industry

Analysis of Investment Opportunities in Mexico's New Energy Automobile Industry



 Welcome Dinner & Cocktail Party

Day 2

Full Day

Special Session on Automotive Engineering

Automotive Engineering and Assembly Process & Technology 

New Energy Three Power Engineering Forum

Intelligent Assembly of Power Batteries and Driving Motors

New Energy Automotive Core Components Technology Forum

 Batteries, Motors, Axles,& Lights

Day 3

Full Day

Business Investigation of Mexico’s Local Automobile Industry Chain

* Final schedule is subject to onsite announcements.




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