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Jakarta, Indonesia Automotive Engineering Intelligence Forum


Forum time:March 14-15, 2023

Forum location:Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia,Merak Conference Hall

Mentoring units:GAIKINDO



Smart Automobiles! Smart Manufacturing!


▶The High Potential of the Indonesian Auto Market

While Indonesia has the world's fourth-largest population, the country only has 87 automobiles per 1,000 people. As per capita income steadily increases in the country, car populization is projected to occur.


The COVID-19 pandemic hit the Indonesian auto market in 2020, resulting in a 45% year over year decrease in total auto sales volume. However, as the Indonesian economy recovers over the next five years, the annual auto sales volume is expected to exceed one million units. The sales volume of MPVs and SUVs are projected to grow steadily. Especially following the industry stimulation through favorable policies, new energy vehicles sales are expected to surge.


In July 2021, the Indonesian government released a road map for electric vehicle production. Aggressive targets dictate production at 400,000, 600,000, and 1 million electric vehicles in 2025, 2030, and 2035, respectively.


▶ The Significant Rise in Auto Production and Sales, Driven by Favorable Incentives

According to a report from the Association of Indonesia Automotive Industries (GAIKINDO), Indonesia's new cars sales volume reached 887,202 in 2021, an increase of 66.7% from 2020. Jongkie Sugiarto, the first chairman of GAIKINDO, said the government's luxury goods sales tax (PPnBM DPT) policy affected the annual sales growth, creating a strong impetus for production and sales. He predicted that new automotive sales in Indonesia would remain around 900,000 units in 2022. Statistics show auto sales rebounding after the implementation of PPnBM, reaching about 80,000 units per month in the second half of 2021 and peaking at 96,000 units in December.


▶ RCEP Facilitates Trade of Auto Parts Among Member Countries

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) came into effect on January 1st, 2022, establishing the world's largest free trade area. Under the RCEP, more than 90% of the region's goods and commerce are exempt from tariffs. This means that most automobiles can be exchanged freely among member countries.


Indonesia is expected to become an important strategic market as the RCEP increases trade of auto products among member countries. As China, Japan, and South Korea further their economic cooperation, this economic rim, with Southeast Asia at its center will become a new global core of economic growth.


▶ Be Primed to Seize Unprecedented Opportunities

At present, essential equipment and technology of auto manufacturing in Indonesia lags considerably behind the global standard. In contrast, countries with established auto industries, including China, Japan, and South Korea, have mature auto manufacturing equipment on offer. The demand for technology and equipment upgrades and industry transformation in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries will bring huge business opportunities, resulting in an emerging market primed to be a part of the next generation of production lines.


► Be Present, Socialize, and Explore the Blue Ocean!

Meet with 500+ leaders in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries in the vehicles and components fields

Interact face to face with guests from the government, as well as and Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries’ intelligent manufacturing vehicle and parts producers in the field of intelligent manufacturing in Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. to Oobtain a deeper understanding of their needs through your engagement.


Share cutting-edge products and technical solutions with 20+ world-renowned engineering integrator

The forum will invite high-profile representatives from leading multinational companies, such as ABB, COMAU, Siemens, and FANUC, as well asand well-known Asian enterprises, such as Automotive Engineering Corporation, MINO, JEE, Sinomach Foundry and Dalian Haosen, to share the most recent developments and applications of digital technology in auto manufacturing and electric vehicle technology.


Meetings, Interaction and Live Presentations

Supplier There are displaysdisplays and booths where suppliers will present a panorama of technology case studies in auto engineering that support the development of the Indonesian auto market.


Exclusive Targeted Analysis of Indonesian Policies Supporting the Auto Industry

Representatives from South Korean, Japanese, and Indonesian government agenciesy will explain Indonesia's auto sector support policies and tax incentives in detail.


Business Networking Dinner with the Indonesian Auto Community

Join anthe upscale business networking dinner themed  with the theme of "New Opportunities and Challenges in the Indonesian Auto Industry". M to meet and socialize with top leaders in the community and explore future market opportunities.



 Informative Conference Sessions Focused on Trending Topics:

* Stamping, welding, and painting applications in auto manufacturing

* Development and applications of part machining technology in auto manufacturing

* Remote operation and maintenance management, as well as equipment preventive maintenance in auto manufacturing

* Development and applications of automation and robotics

* Advanced battery manufacturing technology for new energy vehicles

* Application of AR/VR technology in auto assembly

* Development and applications of digital technology in auto manufacturing

* Southeast Asia auto manufacturing IT trends

* Trends and practical applications of the Indonesian auto manufacturing industry

* Production line transformation and technology upgrading applications in auto manufacturing

Who’s Who in the Indonesian Automotive Manufacturing Industry

Participants Include:

●Leaders of relevant government departments and auto industry organizations

Renowned experts and scholars from auto research institutes and universities

Technical, purchasing, and managerial representatives from auto manufacturing and parts enterprises

System integrators/equipment makers, tier-1 and 2 suppliers

Local media journalists


Participant Departments/Roles

OEM R&D centers/powertrain units/new energy units/sustainable development units

Persons in charge of intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment


President/Vice GM/Chief Engineer/Director/Department Head

Manager/Section Head/Lead Engineer

Planning/Technology/Manufacturing departments of equipment makers

GM/Director/Manager of tier-1 and 2 suppliers


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