Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing
Technology & Material Show 2019

2019.07.03-06Hall W1,W2,W3,W4,W5,E1,E2,E3,E4,Shanghai New International Expo Center

Exhibitor Statements

Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH

This is our 2nd experience to this show. We have combined our booth together with our partner Ston-Robots to show our products from Germany, but also incombination and acclimation for our Chinese customers. We would like to increase our branding here, AMTS is great suit for this. We are very happy to see that there are many international exhibitors among the participators of this year’s AMTS 2017, and hope this progress will continue for next year.

—————— ·Martin Winterstein Director


Compared to last year, we have made some changes in the smart solutions exhibited at AMTS. For example, in the smart logistics products, last year we exhibited a 3D warehousing model. Recently the model has grown from single workshops to the entire factory. We have made a special exhibition of our smart forklift. This year we brought with us many models and we will tailor solutions for the customers. Every year we gain a lot at AMTS. What are worth special mentioning are the support programs held along with the exhibition. They are especially helpful. We are really grateful to the organizers.

—————— ·Richard Gong CEO

Nanjing Phoenix Contact Co., Ltd.

AMTS has always been a very important exhibition in the auto equipment industry. The visitors are all from leading OEMs and system integrators. Phoenix, a major player in the Chinese Industry 4.0 force, has always put AMTS at a priority place on our agenda. We think it is a good opportunity to show our solutions for the auto industry, so as to make our contributions to Made in China 2025.

—————— ·Yi Zhao Product Marketing Manager

Shanghai Junyi Industrial Automation Co.,Ltd

This is our fifth exhibition at AMTS and we have made great results each time. This year we notice that the visitors are more professional than before. We hope to use AMTS to find out about the needs of our users, especially OEMs, and conclude new partnership. On the other hand, we can learn what our colleagues are doing at AMTS. We can learn from each other and make progresses. We are grateful to AMTS for such a great platform.

—————— ·Gavin Zhen Deputy General Manager

WEISS Automation Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

WEISS is an old friend of AMTS. We have exhibited at AMTS since its first edition. As an important event for the auto manufacturing industry, AMTS will attract more and more customers. It has now become an important platform for us to make connections to our customers. Through AMTS, we can not only learn about new products and technologies, but also make exchanges with professionals in the industry, which is very important to us. I believe the organizers have made great efforts to make sure that we are satisfactory. in general, the quality is very good.

—————— ·Paul Xue Sales Director (VP)

Universal Robots (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

This is our third exhibition at AMTS. It gathers a lot of professional visitors, so we are bound to come. It is of great joy for us to find that the visitors have turned from learners to users. At AMTS 2017, we received a lot of visitors asking about how to use robots in their daily work. The AMTS 2017 is very helpful. We are hoping to conclude more cooperation with local enterprises.

—————— ·Adam Sobieski General Manager

Demag Industrial Cranes NEA

We are very happy to be at AMTS. As all the four leading names in the industry are here, Demag is proud to say that we are also part of the robotics industry. Demag specializes in smart transportation robots. Today is the second day of AMTS and we have seen a lot of friends, old and new. Through AMTS, we show that Demag brings the latest equipment and future trends to our customers and create more opportunities. We think AMTS is a very good platform. It is able to integrate the auto OEMs and equipment manufacturers together, so it is safe to say that AMTS is a grand event for the industry. Demag wants to strengthen our connection to all our friends.

—————— ·Germ Xi Director

Changzhou Huashu Jinming Insitute of Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

As a manufacturer of PACK battery, Huashu Jinming aims to create an automatic line based on big data. Through analysis to product data, we will increase its intelligence level. This is our third participation at AMTS, and the biggest ever. At the same time, we took part in the New Energy Engineering Conference, the Battery Assembly and Testing Forum and the Motor Assembly and Testing Forum. We found that the theme, new energy, is very well covered in both the exhibition and the programs. OEMs, battery manufacturers, equipment suppliers, system integrators, we can all get the desired information here.

—————— ·Yubao Wang Assembly Division Deputy Minister

Xiang Wang, High Power Laser Welding Center Sales Director, Han’s Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd.

We are grateful to the organizer for such a great opportunity. It is the fourth time Han’s exhibits at AMTS. The AMTS & AHTE are both well organized. New energy vehicle is a great opportunity for the Chinese auto manufacturing industry. So we are very happy to see so many colleagues in the new energy industry to discuss on its current conditions and future development.

—————— ·Jun Wang Director

Sunnexion Interlligent Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

We have brought with us smart automation equipment for auto electronics. In the past we need 10 workers and now we only need 2, thanks to the new machine. It greatly improves the efficiency. This is our first exhibition and we are satisfied with the quantity and quality of the visitors at AMTS. Meanwhile, the machine we exhibit has made use of advanced technology from Germany. We want to provide German quality products at a Chinese price.

—————— ·Jianshe Ke Deputy General Manager


STON is exhibiting in collaboration with Liebherr, our strategic partner, in the hope that we can “localize” the advanced technology from Europe: local production, local services and local solutions. STON has always accredited AMTS, because it is very professional. Through AMTS, we can connect more closely to our old clients and make new contacts. We also took part in the support programs and it was very successful.

—————— ·Jason Wang Sales Director

Guangzhou MINO Automotive Equipment Co., Ltd.

MINO is exhibiting for the 7th time at AMTS, the biggest exhibition for the auto equipment industry in Asia. We can say that AMTS is a great get-together for the industry. It offers opportunities to communicate and learn from each other. It is also a great chance to exhibit our new technology and products to core customers. AMTS is a great platform.

—————— ·Leo Lei Vice President

GIMATIC Automation Engineering (Changshu) Co., Ltd.

We are exhibiting for the first time at AMTS, but personally I have always paid much attention to the exhibition. To exhibit at AMTS at a very crucial year for GIMATIC, we are hoping to use AMTS’s influence and introduce GIMATIC’s products and solutions to the Chinese customers. The results, both at our booth and the conferences, have all exceeded our expectations. It is also a very good start for GIMATIC’s journey in China.

—————— ·Felix Wang General Manager

Festo (China) Ltd.

We have exhibited at AMTS every year. This year, on the first day at AMTS 2017, we have found more customers at our booth than last year. I believe AMTS will make new highs this year.

—————— ·Alex Huang Sales Director

Leuze electronic Trading (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

This is the first time Leuze takes part in AMTS. On the first day, the visitor flow and quality are both very satisfactory. We will continue to exhibit and certainly hope to bring more products, solutions and new experiences to the visitors.

—————— ·Steven Zhang Country Manager China

Shanghai Bauja Industry Automotive Equipment Co., Ltd.

Bauja is exhibiting for the fourth time. This time we have brought products in engine and gearbox assembly. We trust Forever Exhibition very much. It has done a very good job in both platform quality and customer promotion and services.

—————— ·Li Pan General Manager

Ingersoll Rand

This is our third exhibition at AMTS. The exhibition has grown bigger every year. We can make contact with a lot of end users, wire contractors and tool suppliers. We can also find out about new trends in the industry at the exhibition, which provides us new inspirations for products and technology development. We believe AMTS can provide new ideas to the development of the industry.

—————— ·Willian Xu Product Managentment & Marketing Leader

TRUMPF (China) Co., Ltd.

TRUMPF has taken part in AMTS every year. This year the exhibition has grown much bigger than before. We are very happy about it and hope we can continue the cooperation.

—————— ·Joe Ji Head of Industry & Product Management Laser Technology

Besfit (Shanghai) Automotive & Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

New energy vehicle engineering and new material for automobiles are two important fields in the automobile industry. New materials and new processing techniques are making strong impact on the automobile equipment industry. Besfit has followed such trends in developing new welding technology. This is our first exhibition at AMTS. Through the exhibition, we learned about the general conditions in the industry as well as new ideas and technologies. Meanwhile, we have introduced Besfit to some OEMs. We believe it will help us make more progress in the future.

—————— ·Baien Gao General Manager

Shanhgai Sinylon Auto Equipment Manufacutre Co., Ltd.

This time we have brought with us solutions for flexible car bodies: high-speed transportation system and flexible transition system. We also exhibited our virtual debugging solution. The virtual production process is displayed on the screen, so the production process is greatly shortened. This is our first exhibition at AMTS. In the past we have come as visitors. The visitor flow is very good this year and we have made great results. It is very beneficial to our future.

—————— ·Hua Lin Deputy General Manager

ISVISION (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd.

First of all, I would like to thank the organizer for such a platform. It helps our customers and suppliers learn about our products. AMTS also promotes new technology in the industry. It is a great opportunity for communication among our colleagues. The exhibition is not only an arena for world-leading exhibitors, but also local enterprises like ISVISION. We believe that, through AMTS, the smart production technology in China will continue to grow and Chinese exhibitors will make further progress until they are able to compete in the international market.

—————— ·Yongming Sun Project Manager